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Fused Glass

Colored glass has always had a magical appeal to me by how the light can transform a piece in the intensity that shines through it, day or night.  I was introduced to fused glass 8 years ago while teaching middle school art.  The techniques used in the fused glass process allow me endless possibilities to create with color and light. I can cut, then shape and form the glass at high temperatures in the kiln. My original pieces can be appreciated visually, and practically, too.  For example, my nightlights, which allow the magical colored glass creation to shine through day or night. There are endless possibilities to the art of fused glass. My designs are all original pieces of art, handcrafted for you in Raleigh, North Carolina.


For one of my Scheier Creations, I cut, shape and form the pieces individually. Layers of thin glass are kiln fired, often numerous times, at extremely high temperatures up to
1,350–1,501 °F (732–816 °C), to achieve the finished product.

I hope one of my Scheier Creations finds a special place

in your home!